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Collaboration really exists at the core of the personal learning network. PLNs facilitate sharing with colleagues, group members, and friends. With the rise of social media comes great opportunities to meet like-minded people online. The challenge is finding a way to share your best resources with those people. That’s why it could help to look into Shareaholic, a service that (if the name hasn’t given it away) assists with sharing.

Share links with friends via social networking: Some services share links internally, meaning that it’s only possible to swap links with other users of the site. Shareaholic allows users to post links to external social networks. Like something you found online? Share it immediately on Facebook or Twitter.

Keep bookmarks organized: The more you use the internet to gather information, the more sites you’ll habitually check. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to keep track of these sites by tidying your bookmarks. Shareaholic may work best for you, but keep in mind that this perk is in no way unique to this site. There are plenty of other bookmark organization options out there.

Add share buttons, recommended content, and analytics to your blog: Last week I suggested that Twitter users make use of analytics sites as a way to maintain relevancy and check up on their accounts. I offer the same advice to blog users. Shareholic provides many blogging tools that you might find useful and increase traffic to your blog. Plus, it’s always helpful to provide a reader-friendly site.

Post By: Rachel Hershkovitz


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