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Some Week 5 Rejections



I rejected this website because although it had a great definition of what content curation is, it did not have anything else that was relevant to the class.


I rejected this site because it was more about automatic publishing tools rather than curation.


I rejected this site because it is just a brief explanation of tools I’ve seen on other websites.  I did not see anything new or outstanding on this website.


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Weekly Rejections

As per every week, there are a lot of websites that we search through that do not make the cut into one of our posts. There are many reasons as to why we pick the articles, tools, and websites we reblog and build upon, but some just don’t hit a nerve. This week some of us decided to look at a more international aspect of PLN and curation tools, thus some sites we found were in different languages then what any of us speak. While this is great in terms of having the same information we’re reading translated and used for specific audiences, if we can’t actually read it, we can’t write about it.

This is a German curation site that actually looks pretty interesting. It is nicely laid out, user friendly, and even if you don’t speak German, you get the picture of what the site is about- curation. I personally had a fun time listening to their podcasts in German. I have no idea what the woman said, but it was interesting to listen to nonetheless.

This site prides itself in being “the best way to get your news on twitter” yet it has no other information or how to. It could possibly be a link? Or an App? or who the hell knows! This is a perfect example of what we can come across when searching for the perfect article to post and share about.

This link has a very fancy logo design that probably cost a pretty penny. Unfortunately their site has been down for a couple days, and possibly forever.

This is a wordpress page that is meant to provide a template (theme) for your curation blog. Now we can put a certain look and feel to everyone’s curations! I thought to point of curation and PLN’s were to make them unique to yourself?

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Weekly Rejections

Time and time again, we really thought we’d found the perfect analytical tools. Charts, data, comprehensive break-downs, everything–these sites seemed to have it all. You can probably imagine our disappointment upon realizing that attached to most of these sites are exorbitant fees. Ranging anywhere from a few hundred per month to several thousand, these sites provide invaluable services but at prices unreasonable for most students.

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Weekly Rejection Roundup

This week we’ve all had time to sift through potential readings that fit our own individual criteria as well as the classes. Rejections are based on what fits into our own ideology and how an article doesn’t correlate, and just plain old bad articles that probably shouldn’t have been published due to their lacking in knowledge or credibility.

This link is a great example of someone’s own individual PLN. This person is a teacher and subscribes to many outlets that provide meaningful resources pertaining to his interests. However, he doesn’t individualize the tools utilized, instead he links certain pages but not the sources. I would be very interested in learning where these links are coming from instead of clicking a link and be taken to foreign territory. Maybe this is a personal preference, but it’s a great study and insight into why PLN’s are in fact Personal.

This link would in fact be beneficial if it marketed itself for what it really is. A brief window into what curation is and a few generic samplings. It offers some tools, but all of which I myself have already heard of. I’m interested in learning what else is out there, not what else is circulating.

Overall this week provided a great deal of digging and searching for that key element that sticks out from the rest. When searching for important links, I typically look for what is under all the SEO enabled articles, and ones that haven’t been “Seen” so much. I really enjoyed reading about all the different curation platforms available online, and I’ve definitely already bookmarked a few, and I hope you do as well!


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Although this source explained a lot about how to use twitter for setting up a PLN, I was looking for an article that included more tools for PLN’s and not just one.

This article talks about setting up your PLN.  I rejected this source because it was specifically geared towards educating rather than what we are doing in this class.

Post by: Bridget Baumgarte

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Week 1 Rejections:

These two links were rejected this week because they didn’t showcase the important aspects of what I was looking for. These articles talk about PLN’s and curation from a outside perspective and don’t detail too much of what it is and how to utilize it. Instead they argue about social media in today’s world, and how it changes and challenges the communication aspect from a personal perspective.

Post by: Lindsey Warner