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The more social media outlets you occupy and update, the greater your likelihood of success online. But as your social media “empire” expands, so should your willingness to keep tabs on everything. If you find yourself forgetting about sites or checking infrequently, or if you more generally need to work on organization/management, you could probably benefit from something that keeps each facet of your internet presence in one place.

Think of HootSuite as an exaggerated Tweetdeck. It’s essentially an amalgam of your social media accounts. Sounds overwhelming or too big? Consider a few of these benefits of adopting a social media manager:


You won’t need prompting if you keep everything in one spot. Locate the information you need, reply easily, share links. etc. You’ll probably save time doing this, too.

Social Currency

Social media need nurturing, otherwise your accounts will fall into obsolescence. Remind your readership why you matter. Post from every outlet and stay active.


It goes without saying that you’ll have an easier time if everything is right in front of you. No need for endless browser tabs!

So far, we’re looking forward to adopting Hootsuite into our internet routines. But remember, if you find other media managers worth a shot, let us know!

Post By: Rachel Hershkovitz


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