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RSS Readers as a PLN Tool



This YouTube clip is a perfect example of finding the right tool to create your PLN. An RSS Reader is a tool that allows you to stay in constant contact with your favorite blogs, links, news, and other varies important information pertaining to you. The idea is to subscribe to a blog or other form through your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and have a constant flow of information that is continuously updated and is always accessible.

How it meets the criteria:

RSS Readers meet the PLN criteria because they are a growing part of any individuals learning network, in fact they are quite essential. To grow your network you need to be constantly in touch and informed, RSS readers are the perfect way to be connected. It’s accessible on the go in your phone, or even stationary. Once you’ve RSS subscribed to something of interest, that will always be a relevant resource to go back to.


I recommend utilizing the RSS readers because I use it and know how important it has become in my own personal life and business. It’s so essential to always be up to date with topics of interest as well as competitors on the market place. By having news worthy topics available at the touch of a button in your immediate feed is a fundamental tool that I hope is here to stay.

For a better understanding of RSS readers and how to integrate them into your life, please check out this YouTube video below.