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3 Different Types of PLNs


This site is very resourceful for determining a direction in tools for your PLN. It separates PLN tools into 3 categories: Synchronous, Asynchronous,  and Semi-synchronous. This is a great site to evaluate your time commitment to your network. The article was written for educators in Lincoln, Nebraska school district. The article covers perspectives for the usage of the twitter tool.

Here is a great quote from the site that reinforces its advice for building a PLN:

“At the heart of every PLN is its members. … Learners become amplifiers as they engage in reflective and knowledge building activities, connect and reconnect what they learn, add value to existing knowledge and ideas, and then re-issue them back into the network to be captured by others through their PLNs. Working your PLN involves a great deal of responsibility because you are almost certainly part of someone else’s network.”

“Preparing children for an unpredictable future means helping them learn to teach themselves. That is why lifelong learning is such a crucial part of the education conversation and why modeling a learning lifestyle is one of the best things that teachers can do today.” 

– David Warlick, “Grow Your Personal Learning Network”
‘Learning & Leading with Technology’, March/April 2009


My criteria in recommending this site was to answer the question: “How to select the right professionals in your network?” The site does not expressly address this question, but does prepare a potential member for their professional network. It warns the person of usage of the Twitter tool and its capabilities. It brought to my attention another question, “How much time will a PLN take to develop and operate?”


This article should be read to better understand the membership of a PLN. As a professional, time and its usage is calculated and critical for success. If you are not able to dedicate a full time operation to the membership of a PLN you need to be prepared before you start.