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3 Different Types of PLNs


This site is very resourceful for determining a direction in tools for your PLN. It separates PLN tools into 3 categories: Synchronous, Asynchronous,  and Semi-synchronous. This is a great site to evaluate your time commitment to your network. The article was written for educators in Lincoln, Nebraska school district. The article covers perspectives for the usage of the twitter tool.

Here is a great quote from the site that reinforces its advice for building a PLN:

“At the heart of every PLN is its members. … Learners become amplifiers as they engage in reflective and knowledge building activities, connect and reconnect what they learn, add value to existing knowledge and ideas, and then re-issue them back into the network to be captured by others through their PLNs. Working your PLN involves a great deal of responsibility because you are almost certainly part of someone else’s network.”

“Preparing children for an unpredictable future means helping them learn to teach themselves. That is why lifelong learning is such a crucial part of the education conversation and why modeling a learning lifestyle is one of the best things that teachers can do today.” 

– David Warlick, “Grow Your Personal Learning Network”
‘Learning & Leading with Technology’, March/April 2009


My criteria in recommending this site was to answer the question: “How to select the right professionals in your network?” The site does not expressly address this question, but does prepare a potential member for their professional network. It warns the person of usage of the Twitter tool and its capabilities. It brought to my attention another question, “How much time will a PLN take to develop and operate?”


This article should be read to better understand the membership of a PLN. As a professional, time and its usage is calculated and critical for success. If you are not able to dedicate a full time operation to the membership of a PLN you need to be prepared before you start.


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Grow your PLN with Social Bookmarking as a tool- Reddit

reddit_logoReddit has about 16,000,000 monthly visitors and growing. It’s one of the top websites for social bookmarking, and it looks like a hipster designed it. Doesn’t want to be cool, so it uses the same platform AOL once did. All this being said, Reddit is actually very useful, and most of all fun. Yes, fun. (Please read this one for a good laugh.)


Reddit is a social news website for everything relevant and popular on the web. People can volunteer information, and people can request information, about anything. Urban dictionary defines Reddit as, “It’s 4chan with a condom.” Classy. Users can vote submissions “up” or “Down” in order for submissions to be on the front page and be “seen.” Reddit is essentially a great tool to discover what is trending on the web. Overall it’s a site that generates content but you don’t need to create content in order to enjoy the content.


When looking at reddit, I looked at the front page and how bland and misguided it can appear. It’s very ordinary and bland. It does not evoke excitement or creativity. But perhaps that’s the point, as the content itself is very eccentric and over the top. I also looked at the overall efficiency. Is it easy to use and navigate, user friendly? Well yes, most sites these days have to be user friendly in order to bring in 16M+ visitors a month! People are obviously using this site, so it must be user friendly, as everyone is navigating just fine. I love reddit, and I’m definitely the type to enjoy the content instead of post (did you click my link above?!) but I really dislike the interface. I wish it didn’t remind me of the 90’s AOL days. Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 6.39.42 PM


I chose Reddit to evaluate because I feel it’s a great tool to implement for information for your PLN. One aspect of creating and growing your PLN is finding information that is relevant to your needs. Reddit has relevant information, as well as not so relevant. The best part is you can read feedback from people and see what the public is thinking. This is fantastic for business people. I’ve used reddit just to read about people’s sex education opportunities in their lives. This brings awareness to what needs to be said and done in our communities. Off topic, but it shows how I’ve implemented reddit into my own PLN already.


Yes, yes, yes. If you’re not using reddit, go sign up now, seriously. If for nothing else reddit will give you a laugh, and sometimes that’s all that is necessary to expand your PLN. Reddit is like facebook in some cases, but without all the family drama.

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Digital Inventory

images1. Hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m an avid internet user (que: Hi Lindsey). I’m a UNLV senior who is taking 6 classes, started a new business, and since that wasn’t enough, hosting a sex education/pro health festival on campus. Needless to say, I utilize electronic media in not only my academic life, but my personal and business life as well. The internet has become a resource for me to obtain information, but to also leave an imprint on the internet. By getting information out there, I am able to attract attention to my business and furthermore myself. This comes in all types of forms like twitter, facebook, wordpress, pinterest, tumblr, youtube, etc. My electronic media usage isn’t just another aspect to my daily routine, but it’s apart of me, and my business.

2. My typical two-way electronic media use consists mainly of my cell phone and email to communicate on a daily basis. Sometimes I add facebook in the mix, and sometimes skype depending on the day. For the most part it’s just cell phone and email. I typically use these to communicate for work with business people. It’s great to have my email on my phone so I’m available at the touch of a button if there’s a problem, and in business, there’s always a problem. I remember using email along time, when I got my first account, as nothing more than a profile to take online quizzes and chat with friends in the message section. AOL anyone? Sadly, I think I still remember several of my screen names and their passwords. Now I utilize my accounts way more efficiently.

3. My social media posts, specifically on pinterest reveal my interest and construct my online identity by what I chose to post and “like”. I created this account less than a year ago and I have over 10 boards of varies likes, and a surplus of likes and comments on my friends boards. These pins allow me to create a digital pin board of pretty photos of the things I like. It’s soothing, relaxing, and helps me wind down from a stressful day. Sometimes I like to re-post photos from friends in my feed, or find photos pertaining to my mood and what I want to look at. Honestly, it’s mostly food. I like to look at pictures of yummy food while I eat not so yummy food because I don’t always have time to cook. I go a little crazy on the food photos. I once re-posted over 100 photos in one sitting. I then went and got In-and-Out because I was starving. These boards and posts show who I am by what I chose to express. Some days I chose to post pictures of food, others of cute animals, or etc. It’s just a great way to express your interests without being judged or rejected.

4. I actually had a blog not too long ago that I routinely posted on. Unfortunately I just got too busy and stopped all together. Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 4.51.05 PMThe premise of my blog was to offer lengthy reviews and personal photos of places in Vegas pertaining to the Strip. So I would go to a pool, take photos, enjoy the experience, and then write about the pros and cons. I also offered ways to get into the more “Exclusive” areas that you typically have to pay for or wait in long lines. It was essentially the “insiders scoop” of Vegas day and nightlife. This blog was no means “popular,” but it was seen by one nightlife event host who in turn invited me to her continuous events at Vanity Nightclub. It was a great representation of how a simple blog can carry over into everyday life. I used blogger for this blog, but I’ve now switched over to wordpress for my new blog that is also attached to my business. As shown by my old blog and new blog, I’m really not afraid of what to post and if I offend anyone. After all, freedom of speech, right?

5. The distinction between social and academic/professional uses of media are very different. With academic/professional it’s important to put your best foot forward. While I might post drunk photos of myself relaxing by a pool on my facebook for my friends to envy, I would never do the same for a academic/professional blog or any reason really. I keep everything very separate from one another. I do however like to leave a digital “trail” of sorts with everything I do, so I happen to actually utilize my facebook for all three subjects. I do keep my facebook very professional, and if I do post a unprofessional photo, I hide it from people in certain categories, like academic and professional. I do keep my emails separate. I have 2 emails for academic, 1 for personal, and 1 for business. I find this is the easiest way to sort through what’s important and reduce missing what is important.

Social media and electronic usage is a vital aspect in today’s culture to effectively communicate and expand ourselves. By staying in touch with people we’ve briefly met on vacation, or took a class with, we are also expanding our networks to reach out to. All of these things and more are an important consideration when creating our own PLN’s and curating our own projects. It’s important now more than ever to branch out and leave a lasting impression on the internet in order to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Please feel free to get in touch with me:

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RSS Readers as a PLN Tool



This YouTube clip is a perfect example of finding the right tool to create your PLN. An RSS Reader is a tool that allows you to stay in constant contact with your favorite blogs, links, news, and other varies important information pertaining to you. The idea is to subscribe to a blog or other form through your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and have a constant flow of information that is continuously updated and is always accessible.

How it meets the criteria:

RSS Readers meet the PLN criteria because they are a growing part of any individuals learning network, in fact they are quite essential. To grow your network you need to be constantly in touch and informed, RSS readers are the perfect way to be connected. It’s accessible on the go in your phone, or even stationary. Once you’ve RSS subscribed to something of interest, that will always be a relevant resource to go back to.


I recommend utilizing the RSS readers because I use it and know how important it has become in my own personal life and business. It’s so essential to always be up to date with topics of interest as well as competitors on the market place. By having news worthy topics available at the touch of a button in your immediate feed is a fundamental tool that I hope is here to stay.

For a better understanding of RSS readers and how to integrate them into your life, please check out this YouTube video below.

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Finding the right tools for your PLN


This link is a slideshow that breaks down the points of a PLN and how to obtain the tools needed to create your own individual PLN. It defines online terminology like Synchronous (live E-learning like ICN), Semi-synchronous (Web 2.0 like wiki, blogs, etc.), and Asynchronous (self paced), amongst many other valuable resources.


The most helpful aspect of this slideshow is the “5 Steps to set up a Personal Learning Network”. It chronologically dissects each step into another sub genre and breaks down each point. At the end of the slideshow there is a helpful graph of retention rate when sharing what you know. 90% is teaching others, while 0% is discussion. Fascinating!


Does this source help explain how to set up a PLN?  Does it suggest tools for making that easier?

Of course! This slideshow, while only 19 slides, gets deep into the methods of creating PLN’s and what tools are needed for PLN’s to be successful to each individual. It gives great sources of blogs and RSS feeds to cultivate a worthwhile PLN.

Does it link to other stories that can be helpful?

This slideshow most definitely links to other stories and sources that can be useful. I myself learned of because of this slideshow. While short, this linked slideshow gets to the real point of what is useful. Just like a PLN, it’s designed with the individual in mind with easy navigation and user friendly.

Is the article/website easily navigable?

As stated above, this link is very user friendly and navigable. It’s easy to quickly skim or even slowly detail the entire slideshow. The slideshow itself is very simple and is well designed in order to create maxim usage of space and text without filling up pages with too many photos. The text itself is professional and credible.


This slideshow is a great source to consider because of its efficiency and readability to any fast paced online user. This slideshow acts as a emollient compared to other sources on the web. It definitely creates a relaxing security over finding the necessary tools needed to cultivate and medicine your own PLN.

Post By: Lindsey W.