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Group Recommendations (PLN)

Why (And How) You Should Create A Personal Learning Network – See more at:

Social-Media-Optimization-Plan-Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-YouTube1     This article, by Eric Patnoudes, articulates the importance of a PLN and how to kickstart your own PLN in a easy and effective manner. Patnoudes showcases the different way to interconnect yourself or business from everything from microblogging to webinars. He even has a linked video podcasts that touches base with everything he writes about in his post.

     I chose this article because I liked how efficiently and straight to the point Patnoudes’ tone portrays. Personally, when I’m searching for information that has different viewpoints, I want to get straight to the point with no fluff. Bullet points are the easiest way to get your point across, and that’s exactly what Patnoudes utilizes in his post.

     If you’re looking for a post that defines and provides helpful tips and tricks on starting your own PLN, this article is definitely worth the read.

Post By: Lindsey Warner

MOOCs as an Incredible Resource Tool

Open Culture is a site entirely dedicated to online learning. Links, online courses, and educational movies–they’re all here. Open Culture is so packed with useful information for both careers and education, it’s worth bookmarking. I mean it!

Many of the links on this site are accessible and convenient to those who aren’t interested in actually enrolling in online courses. In fact, many of the courses are available through iTunes or Youtube, so they’re not as involved as they may seem.

Also be sure to look through the “Essentials” sidebar, which includes textbooks, audiobooks, and classic films.

Post By: Rachel Hershkovitz


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