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Group Recommendations (Curation)

Defining Content Curation:


This online article defines content curation and how to employ it, in an easily understandable format that allows the reader to grasp the concept. This article is also recently published so it is a up-to-date post that is relevant in text.

I think this is a great link to invest time into reading because it lays out the information of curation in a user friendly format that makes finding the key points of what you’re looking for very easy. Also, the content itself is very helpful to anyone who would benefit from curation 101.

This article taught me that there are differences in curation, like content aggregation and syndication and how each one is different for creating a marketing campaign within curation. Also there is a great table that shows the authors usage of curation, it’s a fantastic visual that really puts curation into perspective.

Post By: Lindsey Warner

Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

Once you’ve generated content, you might wonder which blogging platform best suits your needs. Some platforms work better for certain kinds of content. For example, it might not be necessary to use an interface as complicated as WordPress if you intend to post photos exclusively.

This article places the three largest blogging platforms (Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress) alongside each other, allowing readers to select which is most appropriate for his or her content. Some sites require more work than others, but this can be useful if you require more options for data analysis or HTML manipulation.

It might have been helpful if the article included information about the communities surrounding these sites. Tumblr, for instance, seems to attract younger audiences than WordPress or Blogger and is better suited for photo-blogging as opposed to text-based blogging. Still, the article is a great introduction to blogging and will hopefully help you navigate these sites.

Post By: Rachel Hershkovitz


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