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Leave a comment is an agregration tool to expand curation of internet content. You can compile articles from other sources by “clipping” the article using their button in your browser. Depending on your topic and quality of curation, you can amass follwers. You can also publish your curated material through your typical social media: twitter, FB, linkdn, instagram. Material can also be found from your different news feeds.


The site once logged in is free, easy to use, one-click access to articles, and shows other related notebooks and the amount of followers of that notebook.


If you are looking for a site to draw material from global sources, in real time, and publish your curated material on your news feeds, hits it out of the park. Once I logged in on the site I was able to find articles that I could use immediately for both my consumer audience and my staff. Being able to quickly get to the gist of an article and then being able to dissemenate that information made for very effective communication.


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