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Summary: is a website for content curation. It allows a user or guest to search through blogs, news sites, and published posts. It allows a user to migrate and effectively curate the information onto a facebook or twitter account.




Criteria: Content curation requires a lot of time fetching new and relevant content. Many times without adequate research time, you know you have missed an angle. Most times the same piece of original content is recycled through other news channels. Finding the source article is key to being to being able to correctly interpret for your audience the information.

Summary: is user-friendly, intergrated with Facebook and Twitter, and promotes content curation. Most times to publish your curation, you copy a link then login into your social site and paste with comments. brings active, up to date information in a thumbnail format easy to read and filter through. Then promotes a user to curate that information and posts the link and comment to their twitter and facebook account with 1-click.


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