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The 50+ Ways to Curate and Share Your Favorite Social Media and News Content

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Summary:  This source takes content curation and divides it into categories including content gathering and personalized news feeds, Ipad curation, social media curation, website bookmarking and collection tools, and topic pages.  Under these categories, the source lists the top tools in each category.


Criteria:  I looked for content curation tools that included something more than just descriptions and links to tools.  I wanted to find something that would lead into the next section of class where we develop our own curation projects.


Since this site divides curation into categories and lists top tools in each category, I think it fits the criteria of just giving general tools for content curation.  For our own curation projects, this source is valuable depending on our specific preferences for tools.


Recommendation:  I recommend this source because it divides curation tools based on purpose.  This gives the user a better way to figure out what tools are most useful for their specific purpose.  For our curation projects, this is valuable since our curation projects are specific to our individual needs and preferences.  This article takes the broad category of curation tools and further breaks them down into more usable categories.



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