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Summary:  This source is defines content curation and lists content curation tools.  This resource lists uses of content curation and gives some real life examples of how content curation is used in eduction.


Criteria:  I looked for content curation tools that included something more than just descriptions and links to tools.  I wanted to find something that would lead into the next section of class where we develop our own curation projects.


Since this source has links to actual examples of content curation, it gives a more in depth look of what we can expect to do in our own projects.


Recommendation:  I recommend this source this week because it l think it is a valuable tool in showing how tools can be used in setting up curation projects of our own.  The examples shown are diverse and yet they each have a specific topic just like we will have in our own curation projects.  By looking at these different examples I think we can figure out what things we like about each tool and can figure out the tools we want to use on our own projects.


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