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“Twitter for Teachers” Video Not Just for Teachers

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Don’t let the title mislead you! This video entitled “Twitter for Teachers” is actually a great help for anyone looking to establish a personal learning network. The introduction basically works as a review of PLNs–what they are, why they’re useful, how they facilitate dialogue, etc. Beginning around the two minute mark, the video’s narrator discusses the ways to sign up for a PLN-optimized Twitter account. Even if you’re already a Twitter user, be sure to watch and see how you can re-conceptualize Twitter to work more in your favor.

Inspired by this video, I’ve decided to put together some of my own similar advice for other social networks.


The first step is adding the right people. The more friends you have in a particular network, the more likely you are to show up on interesting users’ “People You May Know” list. And the more often you show up, the easier time you’ll have attracting attention from people with similar interests and convincing them that you “belong” to their scene. Also, adding people you admire grants you access to many of their best thoughts and shared links–that is, if they approve your requests.


Popular users seldom check out the blogs of new followers, but those with fewer followers might. Affiliate yourself with lesser-known Tumblr users while also following more successful blogs for better content.

It’s so easy to reblog content mindlessly, so try to add a comment if you can. A user might see and think to look at your full comment and maybe your entire blog. Reblogging posts with fewer notes might also encourage the original poster to see what you have to say.

Frequently post content that is uniquely “you” so your blog is equal parts curation and creation. This will give users more of an incentive to follow you and think of you as an online personality, not as an anonymous entity.


Unlike Twitter, Instagram’s following-to-follower ratio matters less. No one really looks! So follow as many people as you can and hope that they follow back. And please, try to refrain from posting too many photos of your food. 🙂

Post By: Rachel H.


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