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New Swiss curation platform grants ultimate agency to online curators with highly-specific areas of interest. Use to generate an online newspaper available to other users and the public.

Curators might wonder why this site works differently than other curation platforms. In a nutshell, requires more thought and effort to maintain. Users must carefully consider the titles of newspapers and content themes, plus they must work to distinguish themselves from other users with similar topics. It’s definitely competitive and encourages more specificity in content curation. But it’s also more rewarding, especially as a news site that hands power to people to regulate and share information. The kind of content and variety of contributors also changes what it means to read the newspaper.

For someone pursuing journalism, like me, this curation site might work as excellent practice for the future. Some questions to consider: What’s the best way to arrange a front page? What kinds of headlines attract attention? How does a balanced newspaper  flow? What makes a newspaper better than others?

Application to PLNs

Though primarily a curation platform,, like most services of this kind, offer tremendous opportunity to those who wish to network. Users can reach out and become reputable authorities on the topics that most interest them. Try it out, and don’t feel discouraged by its status as a “news site.” Its true aim is only to publish content related to a single theme, and that can range anywhere from cooking to global affairs.

Post By: Rachel H.


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