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So I’ve introduced you to Feedly, an alternative to the much-loved but soon-to-expire Google Reader. What I didn’t notice during my exploration of the service is that Feedly actually offers new users tips for a smooth transitions. That’s a relief!

Some of the advice goes without saying, like importing Google Reader settings or tagging and starring articles, but some of the advice on preferences really help. The Reader doesn’t have to be in list format, for example, and there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to help navigate the site.

What about other services?

Feedly isn’t the first service of its kind, as demonstrated in my original post about alternatives to Google Reader. A site like Diigo could also work well as a reader, for instance, though it doesn’t show up on that list. If you do make Diigo into a reader, you can add to your list of articles to read by pressing a button and opening the site at a later point. Maybe the best reader is the one that’s been there all along. (This is actually what I’ve been using, but I always want to open up possibilities for those who may not like the site.)

Why do readers matter for curation and PLNs? 

Content is what guides both curation and PLNs. A curation site devoid of content can’t fulfill its duty, and there’s no real way to get other internet users to network without starting conversations and sending content their way. That’s why I encourage anyone who wishes to do well with either to look into readers as effective ways to manage information. Not everything you save will be worth curating, of course, and not everything has to relate directly to a PLN. But readers are a good place to start.

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite readers or any secrets to maximizing use of Feedly!

Post By: Rachel H.


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