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The silly title actually does a great job explaining the purpose of Drag.dis: drag images, texts, and video to save them for later. This in particular works well as a content collection site, especially for users are not as interested in saving entire pagse (though this is an option). Naturally, Drag.dis might work best for those whose curation projects reflect visual, as opposed to text-based, interests. If articles, however, constitute your idea of curation, maybe a traditional reader would work better for you.

Where Drag.dis works better than other sites:

The content on Drag.dis is actually more inclusive than that of sites like Pinterest or even Tumblr. Content isn’t limited to what others post–you can pull from any website and visit Drag.dis at a later point.


There’s not as much opportunity to network on Drag.dis, but then again, the point is to hang onto useful information until it can be used at a later point, especially for curation projects.

Final Thoughts: 

What’s important to remember is that there isn’t a single best curation tool or platform. Many work similarly but with minor changes that suit some curators better than others. The only way to find out is to address needs, establish some kind of “wish list,” and test sites out.


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