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Curating whether on the internet or a high end art gallery, requires attention to detail, correct placement and an ability to emphasize a piece in the correct lightning. Storify is a great site to integrate and curate mainstream and social media. Storify seems to favor the larger news outlets. It is unclear the basis for a story’s relevance.


– Ease of Use. The website is graphically laid out. Uses an account registration, Twitter, or Facebook profile to log in.

– Facebook and Twitter Integration. Offer the opportunity to immediately retweet or embed the tweet on Facebook or Google+.

– Integration with social media, blogs, and news outlets. The main homepage uses graphical thumbnails to display media from the primary post.

– Ability to search four different criteria: quote, images, videos, or links. The opportunity to search in detail for specific material can be of great resource for readers.


– Limited exposure to local social networks

– None of my 1300 contacts uses Storify

– Limited subjects availability


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