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As a facet of marketing, curating requires an audience. goes in to detail what it takes to bring your content into other people’s news feed. The reason that Edgerank is important for a business is that even if an individual “likes” your page, a business’ post will not appear in their news feed again unless FB deems it relevant. So knowing how FB determines relevance is critical in maintaining an audience.

First it outlines three critical variables of Facebook’s algorithm: Affinity, Weight, and Time. Then the site gives specific examples from common websites that are correctly posting to engage their audience.

Here are the tips included:

1) Use photos and videos – this is critical now with FB’s new format

2) Post items that encourage engagement

3) Choose your moment wisely: post when your audience is most likely online

4) Seed your updates: Have other friends or fans comment or like an update

5) Use FB advertising

6) Automated posts from Hootsuite, Networkedblogs, and Tweetdeck dilute the impact of your posts

7) Post regularly: you are not rewarded for posting once in awhile publishes their newsletters on a regular basis and are informative and up to date.


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