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Edge Rank as a part of Facebook

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Just curating anything does not make the content better or more relevant. Social media is only effective if it has an audience. In order to sift through material, FaceBook has changed it’s lenses to focus on material most important to the internet.

The site is great site to explain EdgeRank. Understanding EdgeRank is the equivalent of understanding market analylitcs of your brick and mortar business: how much traffic, what type of traffic, where is the traffic coming, and who is interested in the material.

The site explains in simple terms what parameters FB is looking for:

1) Who is engaging in your post?

2) Is the network at large affected by your post?

3) Have you or your friends interacted with similar posts before?

4) Have your or similar posts received complaints before?

The KEY to Social Media Optimization is ENGAGEMENT.

Content Posts need to be relevant and shareable. A “like” is just an expression, not an engagement.


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