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This week was quite difficult to get everything we needed to get done, on time. Sometimes life, work, etc happens. Enough with the excuses though, as we reflect on the week and what we discovered, liked, and ultimately shared. As mentioned previously we took a different turn this week in what type of links we would look for. The international perspective is one that kept popping up. We know it’s important to appeal to a wide variety of people, and thus it’s important to think outside the box of American appealing websites, and more towards and diverse selection. We think this is a great way to expand our knowledge on PLN’s and curation because when it comes time to do our own project, and even work related projects, it’s important to have a audience coming from many different backgrounds and places. If you can try to learn how to talk and appeal to a diverse audience, then our projects can be better utilized.


Author: lindseyreneewarner

I'm a senior at UNLV wrapping up my last semester. I'm also a current start-up owner of a online sex education/ sex toy retail store. It combines the knowledge aspect from professionals in the adult industry as well as certified sexologists and therapists with the fun and liberating option of sex toys and all the accessories that can be introduced into the bedroom, or kitchen, or wherever. Likes: sex, food, hanging out at the Vegas pools, and an awesome cocktail! Dislikes: cockroaches and mean girls (we have to stick together ladies!).

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