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While iDrated is not a curation or PLN tool itself, the idea is to keep yourself hydrated, and we all need to keep hydrated while working on our curation projects and PLN’s.

iDrated is a app that allows you to see how hydrated you are for each day, and update through-out the day with little reminders. I love how you can forget about needing a drink, then receive an update! This is important because some research says that by the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! This app eliminates the possibility by keeping track of your hydration through-out the day. The best part? It’s free! I recommend this app for everyone and anyone as water is extremely important.


  • Helpful reminders
  • great visuals with charts and forms
  • shows up to date percentage of hydration
  • shows last time and future time of drinks
  • free


  • no specifications of weight/height/etc to counter in
  • only uses water, not any other liquids as a form of hydration, although not everyone drinks water all day.

Author: lindseyreneewarner

I'm a senior at UNLV wrapping up my last semester. I'm also a current start-up owner of a online sex education/ sex toy retail store. It combines the knowledge aspect from professionals in the adult industry as well as certified sexologists and therapists with the fun and liberating option of sex toys and all the accessories that can be introduced into the bedroom, or kitchen, or wherever. Likes: sex, food, hanging out at the Vegas pools, and an awesome cocktail! Dislikes: cockroaches and mean girls (we have to stick together ladies!).

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