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AlJazeera as a PLN Tool

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Al-Jazeera Tour

Al-Jazeera Tour (Photo credit: Sugar Cubes)


If you don’t know what AlJazeera is, you are certainly missing out! AlJazeera is a popular and well-known world news platform that is not afraid to present information and photos in their entire graphic nature. It’s no news (pun intended) that here in the U.S. and other country’s that news is filtered and altered for its intended audience. AlJazeera does the exact opposite and tells it like it is. It’s an international site that is popular for its brutal truth, it’s essentially the news we should be getting on our T.V.s. For your sake and our society, PLEASE check out


Along with my other posts this week, you’ll notice I’ve been focusing on the international aspect of PLN and Curation tools. It’s important to find networks and platforms that are accessible to a wide audience, so that’s why i chose to do a more international theme. AlJazeera fits that criteria perfectly. It’s an international news channel that was started in 2006 meant to reach under reported regions. It is now in over 250 million households and growing. It’s English department is located in Doha, Qatar. Other criteria I looked for was the website readability, layout, and how the news is presented.

How it is a PLN tool:

Simply put, this is the PLN tool of all PLN tools. No where will you access the type of news and information AlJazeera provides for its audience. It’s a crucial part of our right to know what is going on, and they have severely implemented and utilized a majority of social media. They tweet, link, RSS readers, and everything we’ve been talking about on this blog, they do on their site.


Without a doubt, you need to look at AlJazeera right now. RIGHT NOW. You will not believe the difference in information that is provided on their site versus what is on your T.V. and you will never go back. As an American, it really opens yours eyes as to what is really going on in my own country, from an outside perspective that is truthful and honest. This is a perfect PLN tool because it provides information that is needed to successfully understand your society and how you can become a part of it not only through the internet, but physically.


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