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Review: Best Tools for Content Curation

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I’m always looking for sites with great potential for content curation, but sometimes I’m hard-pressed to find services explicitly made for curation. Finally I’ve found an article that combines information about content curation at large with some of the best made-for-curation sites I’ve seen.

A few reasons why this article was hugely beneficial for me:

-The article serves as a reminder that as content curators, we should be sifting through content until we find the best resources to bundle and repackage for other information seekers. It’s not about producing the best products but finding and presenting them to others.

-The graphic in the center of the article raises some important questions about curation: What is buzz? Is this what we should strive to achieve as content curators? The graphic also accurately identifies what generates buzz and acknowledges that it’s not as much of a linear process as it is a multitude of resources working together.

-The site offers some of the best tools available to curators. On the list are Bundlr,, Delicious (which I’ve reviewed here), and Storify. If you’re unsure which services to check out, you should definitely consult these before any others.

Final assessment: It’s essential that we remember that content curation is a process with many interlocking tools and approaches possible for balanced execution. So don’t feel like there’s any one way to do things. It’s possible (and best) to use multiple services–most notably those mentioned in this article–in conjunction with another.

Post By: Rachel Hershkovitz


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