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Last week I mentioned that Twitter works as a great learning tool if used properly. Now with this article from Readwrite, we can take that idea a step further and employ Twitter tracking services to find the exact information we need.

Generally speaking, tracking services limit the amount of work you need to do. The problem is, not all of them are equipped to expand your PLN. Sure, they find information, but can they build networks?

Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to review each of Readwrite’s recommended tracking services from the perspective of someone looking to establish a PLN.


This service is somewhat similar to Tweetdeck in that it allows users to tweet from the application interface. What makes it useful for PLNs lies in its networking possibilities. The “group” option on Tweetizen tracks other users according to interests–definitely of use for a PLN.


Though a useful service, Twitscoop is better suited for users who need to check up on changing issues. Because the service live-updates and records “buzz” topics, it might work well for political journalists or those involved in the stock market.


Tweetchannel is engaging and interesting as sociological research. If you’re looking to understand how Twitter disseminates ideas, you might want to check this out. Otherwise, it probably won’t help too much with your PLN.


It no longer exists! Even if it did, it cost money to use. And what’s the use of paying if there’s an abundance of comprehensive, free Twitter tracking services?


I’m in total agreement with Readwrite: Twistori is “more art” than a functional service.


Readwrite warned me that this was similar to Twistori, but I decided to check it out anyway using “personal learning network” as my search term. Twitterfall did provide me with some useful content, but I can’t say that it’s superior to conducting basic searches on Twitter.


Monitter allows you conduct not just one but three searches side by side and rapidly produces results. It definitely saves time, though it may be similar to Twitscoop in that it’s best for updates on time-sensitive and evolving issues.

The verdict: Tweetizen works best for PLNs, though all of the links were well-constructed and useful, especially those for tracking buzz topics and current events.

Post By: Rachel H.


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