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Take a Closer Look at Your Twitter

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Maintaining a Twitter account isn’t always enough–your account should be optimized to better target your audience and share pertinent information. With Twitter analytics site Twitalyzer, you can assess precisely how well your account is doing, plus gain access to charts, graphs, and stats that you probably wouldn’t be able to replicate on your own. The best part? There’s no need to sign up. Enter your username and let the site do the work.


Here’s what I learned about my account:

Picture 15

I can see that my followers have lost interest over the past few days. This is definitely a motivation for me to tweet more frequently. I’m also learning that Klout grossly overestimates my influence. According to Twitalyzer, I have an impact score of 0.2 (out of 100). Low as it is, it strikes me as fair. I’m just a college student with a Twitter account; of course my influence is low. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t work on it.
The easiest place to start reforming my Twitter use is how I tweet, not necessarily what I tweet. Here Twitalyzer tells me what kind of user I am. The downsides of “casual” tweeting are pretty clear. I’m not as consistent or creative as I should be–something I should consider.
Picture 16


Much of the site’s best information requires payment. If you’re dedicated to tracking your Twitter analytics, the fee might be worth it. If not, consider using the free week trial to your best advantage before allowing it to expire.

Unfortunately, Twitanalyzer isn’t currently offering free trials, so it’s probably best just to keep this site in mind for a later day. Unless, that is, you’d prefer to pay up. Your call.

Post By: Rachel H.


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