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Grow your PLN with Social Bookmarking as a tool- Reddit

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reddit_logoReddit has about 16,000,000 monthly visitors and growing. It’s one of the top websites for social bookmarking, and it looks like a hipster designed it. Doesn’t want to be cool, so it uses the same platform AOL once did. All this being said, Reddit is actually very useful, and most of all fun. Yes, fun. (Please read this one for a good laugh.)


Reddit is a social news website for everything relevant and popular on the web. People can volunteer information, and people can request information, about anything. Urban dictionary defines Reddit as, “It’s 4chan with a condom.” Classy. Users can vote submissions “up” or “Down” in order for submissions to be on the front page and be “seen.” Reddit is essentially a great tool to discover what is trending on the web. Overall it’s a site that generates content but you don’t need to create content in order to enjoy the content.


When looking at reddit, I looked at the front page and how bland and misguided it can appear. It’s very ordinary and bland. It does not evoke excitement or creativity. But perhaps that’s the point, as the content itself is very eccentric and over the top. I also looked at the overall efficiency. Is it easy to use and navigate, user friendly? Well yes, most sites these days have to be user friendly in order to bring in 16M+ visitors a month! People are obviously using this site, so it must be user friendly, as everyone is navigating just fine. I love reddit, and I’m definitely the type to enjoy the content instead of post (did you click my link above?!) but I really dislike the interface. I wish it didn’t remind me of the 90’s AOL days. Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 6.39.42 PM


I chose Reddit to evaluate because I feel it’s a great tool to implement for information for your PLN. One aspect of creating and growing your PLN is finding information that is relevant to your needs. Reddit has relevant information, as well as not so relevant. The best part is you can read feedback from people and see what the public is thinking. This is fantastic for business people. I’ve used reddit just to read about people’s sex education opportunities in their lives. This brings awareness to what needs to be said and done in our communities. Off topic, but it shows how I’ve implemented reddit into my own PLN already.


Yes, yes, yes. If you’re not using reddit, go sign up now, seriously. If for nothing else reddit will give you a laugh, and sometimes that’s all that is necessary to expand your PLN. Reddit is like facebook in some cases, but without all the family drama.


Author: lindseyreneewarner

I'm a senior at UNLV wrapping up my last semester. I'm also a current start-up owner of a online sex education/ sex toy retail store. It combines the knowledge aspect from professionals in the adult industry as well as certified sexologists and therapists with the fun and liberating option of sex toys and all the accessories that can be introduced into the bedroom, or kitchen, or wherever. Likes: sex, food, hanging out at the Vegas pools, and an awesome cocktail! Dislikes: cockroaches and mean girls (we have to stick together ladies!).

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