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File Storage Crucial for Learning Networks

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As you continue learning and strengthening your network, you’ll amass large quantities of information that you’ll likely want to share with your partners/collaborators.

It’s crucial to remember that the days of the flash drive are over. It’s time to use efficient digital storage. One application called Dropbox works on any computer and allows you to share and store files.

With Dropbox, you can access data from any computer, but because Dropbox requires that you install the program to your computer’s drive, it works better for file sharing.

How to Use Dropbox

Once you’ve downloaded the program to your computer, you’ll be able to open it like any other application. No need to get online and/or log in. Here’s how it looks on a Mac:

Picture 19

As you can see, I’ve created private folders with my friends. We usually swap music, documents, photos, and pdf files. Just in general, there’s a lot more possibility with file sharing on Dropbox because there isn’t a strict limit like with email attachments. You could even share an entire movie provided that it’s legal to do so! Just drag and drop (hence the name Dropbox).

I’m hoping this assists everyone with both content curation and networking. It’s definitely helped me.

Post By: Rachel H.


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