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Curation (and Networking) Site: Delicious

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Delicious is a site that works well for both PLNs and content curation. With the latter, however, you can use Delicious to repackage and curate content in a way that’s easy to navigate and accessible to many.

Delicious basically records sites that you find interesting so you can hang onto them until later–not too dissimilar to Diigo. But with Delicious, you connect with other users of the site, not just friends and colleagues. This option of sharing makes it possible to collaborate and swap content with a large number of people.

Content Curation on Delicious

Though Delicious can be used primarily to browse and make connections, it’s also great to promote your own content. How to do it? Simply add a link:

Picture 14

Any content you create, you can share immediately with the community on Delicious. Perhaps you can start by posting your content generated for 406B.

Post By: Rachel H.


One thought on “Curation (and Networking) Site: Delicious

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