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Twitter…as a Learning Tool?

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As tempting as it is to download new software and programs to assist with PLNS and content curation, it helps to look to social media as tools, too.

Academic Earth unlocks the possibilities of Twitter by listing hashtags where you can track other users’ recommendations, ideas, and links.


Here’s what a recent search of “#contentcuration” brought up: Image

And here’s a search of one of the article’s recommended hashtags, “#teaching2030.” Image

There are so many other hashtags out there to sort through. See what you can find and what works for you.


I use Twitter mostly to connect with others but also as a resource. Usually, though, I follow accounts that post relevant information. I hadn’t thought to view hashtags as informative. I found this article as particularly useful because it’s a reminder of how we can use “fun” social media to advance our careers. It’s time to get creative and start networking, and we can all start on Twitter.

Post By: Rachel H.


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