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Open Course Sites Not Just for School

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A successful PLN hinges on knowledge. Demonstrating proficiency in your field is among the greatest (and most obvious) ways to build your online ethos. For that reason, open course sites serve as tools for establishing a PLN.

Where to Access Open Course Sites

The following link offers a comprehensive list of open course sites. The page is easy to navigate and works as a convenient reference guide.


As much as I plan to use this list, I don’t see all of the links as useful. For instance, a K-12 open course site won’t be of much use to me or other college students, though I imagine it’d be helpful to any parents in our class.


Despite any limitations the list might have, it mostly provides links that are of much help for both personal learning and personal learning networks. Perhaps with the information gathered through open course sites, you may feel more prepared to curate content as well!

Post By: Rachel H.


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