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Finding the right tools for your PLN

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This link is a slideshow that breaks down the points of a PLN and how to obtain the tools needed to create your own individual PLN. It defines online terminology like Synchronous (live E-learning like ICN), Semi-synchronous (Web 2.0 like wiki, blogs, etc.), and Asynchronous (self paced), amongst many other valuable resources.


The most helpful aspect of this slideshow is the “5 Steps to set up a Personal Learning Network”. It chronologically dissects each step into another sub genre and breaks down each point. At the end of the slideshow there is a helpful graph of retention rate when sharing what you know. 90% is teaching others, while 0% is discussion. Fascinating!


Does this source help explain how to set up a PLN?  Does it suggest tools for making that easier?

Of course! This slideshow, while only 19 slides, gets deep into the methods of creating PLN’s and what tools are needed for PLN’s to be successful to each individual. It gives great sources of blogs and RSS feeds to cultivate a worthwhile PLN.

Does it link to other stories that can be helpful?

This slideshow most definitely links to other stories and sources that can be useful. I myself learned of because of this slideshow. While short, this linked slideshow gets to the real point of what is useful. Just like a PLN, it’s designed with the individual in mind with easy navigation and user friendly.

Is the article/website easily navigable?

As stated above, this link is very user friendly and navigable. It’s easy to quickly skim or even slowly detail the entire slideshow. The slideshow itself is very simple and is well designed in order to create maxim usage of space and text without filling up pages with too many photos. The text itself is professional and credible.


This slideshow is a great source to consider because of its efficiency and readability to any fast paced online user. This slideshow acts as a emollient compared to other sources on the web. It definitely creates a relaxing security over finding the necessary tools needed to cultivate and medicine your own PLN.

Post By: Lindsey W.


Author: lindseyreneewarner

I'm a senior at UNLV wrapping up my last semester. I'm also a current start-up owner of a online sex education/ sex toy retail store. It combines the knowledge aspect from professionals in the adult industry as well as certified sexologists and therapists with the fun and liberating option of sex toys and all the accessories that can be introduced into the bedroom, or kitchen, or wherever. Likes: sex, food, hanging out at the Vegas pools, and an awesome cocktail! Dislikes: cockroaches and mean girls (we have to stick together ladies!).

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