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What is Content Curation?


I chose this website because it clearly defines what content curation is and why it is important. This website also explains who does content curation and how content curation can be accomplished. This makes the curation project in this class a little easier to understand. This site also includes some recommendations.
While evaluating this resource, I specifically checked to see if the content was relevant to the class as a whole. I also evaluated the website for readability and clarity.
This source should be read because it defines what content curation is and why it is important. It also is a great starting point for doing content curation for this class.

Post By: Bridget Baumgarte


Author: lindseyreneewarner

I'm a senior at UNLV wrapping up my last semester. I'm also a current start-up owner of a online sex education/ sex toy retail store. It combines the knowledge aspect from professionals in the adult industry as well as certified sexologists and therapists with the fun and liberating option of sex toys and all the accessories that can be introduced into the bedroom, or kitchen, or wherever. Likes: sex, food, hanging out at the Vegas pools, and an awesome cocktail! Dislikes: cockroaches and mean girls (we have to stick together ladies!).

2 thoughts on “What is Content Curation?

  1. I definitely believe that this site a good starting point for defining a content curation – especially for a class such as ours.

    I specifically would earmark or highlight the section entitled “What are the Secrets of Successful Content Curation?” I know that I specifically want to know how I can be successful and in what sense can I avoid failure.

  2. Not only does the article you linked to provide a good explanation of “content curation”, this post itself is a good example of curation.

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