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Curation is defined as the act of curating, organizing and maintaining a collection of artworks or artifacts. Digital Curation, can be defined as organizing and interpreting content created and published on the World Wide Web. This video,, distills the objective of digital curation for the purpose of business marketing.

The author of the video covers 3 main points of curation:

1) There is too much information on the web and consumers need to have the information filtered. The video does not outline how to construct the filter, but focuses on the fiscal purpose of the curation to convert clicks into leads.

2) Digital readers or consumers desire the heart of the subject not the fringe.

3) Curation requires a professional to give context on the content being shared.

Unfortunately, as part of marketing, the video also promotes their own service as a part of digital curation, and redirects the viewer to a concept of platform control which is off the topic of defining curation.

I recommend this video based on its visual appeal, logical argument, and real world application. If you can filter the sales pitch and are looking for an article with a visual display of curation this video is for you.


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